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ANTi-SOCiAL-Film • KYLE CASSIE • Director/Writer

director. writer

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usic Video



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2024 Release



Short film

Drama, Thriller, Fantasy

runtime: 24mins




Series Teaser

Drama, Thriller, Mystery



Post Production

" 17 "


Music Video

Artist: Silje Kronow

Genre: Ambient Pop



"Image is Closer Than it Appears"


" I’m compelled by tragic human stories. underdogs and anti-Heroes. Impossible situations. The darker side of Fairy Tales. Treated through a playfully tormented filter. Story above all else. "

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Kyle Cassie is an award winning Director/Writer based in Los Angeles who has consistently challenged himself to visually reinvent with evocative storytelling since he jumped behind the camera to Direct. Kyle is compelled by tragic human stories. Underdogs and Anti-Heroes. Impossible situations. The darker side of Fairy Tales. All treated through a playfully tormented filter. Story above all else.

Kyle Cassie entered the industry as a working film/tv actor (ImdbPro) for over two decades while also cultivating his true love for cinematic storytelling alongside via ongoing work as film editor and colorist on multiple feature films for theatrical and broadcast. His articulate understanding of story beats, pacing, genre and the puppeteering of emotions earned him several award nominations and wins for his work as an editor and producer.

Directing followed naturally, beginning with years in the visually stimulating world of beauty commercials leading a film/video production studio for a New York based global beauty brand shooting in LA, NYC, London and Berlin.

His insatiable appetite for storytelling is currently focused on feature films slate development. Most notably a feature psyche/thriller based on his real life experience in a Coma after a horrific car accident which briefly took his life. 

Kyle Cassie is about to have the world premiere in Los Angeles for his short narrative debut that he wrote/directed/produced called ANTi-SOCiAL, a tormented, darkly playful dramatic thriller set against the backdrop of magical realism that unveils questions about the cost of stardom in our current feverish climate of social media driven quests for acceptance. 

His screenplay earned multiple semi-finalist honors in some of the biggest screenwriting competitions, including making the top 8 short dramatic scripts worldwide at Slamdance. 

Additionally in progress is the Copenhagen shot music video '17' which is in final post production for an up and coming Danish pop artist as well as Pre-Production has begun for Kyle's next narrative adventure, B M X , a quirky darkly comedic love story slated for spring 2024 production in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Mr Hyde Films

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I founded Mr Hyde Films as a full service boutique production company to serve both my own creative appetite and also my desire to help elevate client projects. I bring over 10 years experience as a concept developing Director/Producer servicing both narrative stories and growing commercial brands with heart pounding 'music video' Cinema.

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There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins.
And the cardinal sin is dullness.

- Frank Capra

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