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My passion for film is rooted in stories that strive to engage, challenge and entertain the viewer through social commentary, quests of the heart, and throwing a humorous light onto the quirkier themes inclusive of our wonderfully flawed human conditions.

Post Production




ANTi-SOCiAL a playfully tormented commentary on the darker influence of social media through the surrealistic reality of our flawed heroine. ANTi-SOCiAL touches on this important subject with the subtlety of a ball-peen hammer.

Film Festival Release Dates 

Coming soon...

Screenplay Placements

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Placed as a Semi-Finalist in the top 8 scripts from 4000 screenplays in four categories. 



Placed as a Semi-Finalist in the top 40 from 1400 dramatic short film screenplays. 



Placed as Semi-Finalist in Short Film Category



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Canadian born and based in Los Angeles, Kyle Cassie has consistently challenged himself to push the limits and visually reinvent with his evocative storytelling voice since he jumped behind the camera to Direct. Kyle’s passion for film is rooted in stories that strive to engage and challenge the viewer through social commentary, quests of the heart and throwing a light onto the darker themes inclusive of our flawed human condition.


Kyle spent the last six years Directing and Producing in the visually stimulating world of beauty commercial content for a New York based global beauty brand shooting in LA, NYC, London and Berlin. As a “one man army” he’s also been cinematographer on many of his Directing projects. In addition, his love for the post production process keeps him seated as editor and colorist allowing him to tangibly carry his creative vision on his projects through to final delivery.


Although Kyle entered the industry as a working film/tv actor for over two decades, his true love for cinematic storytelling landed many years ago while he worked as a film editor and colorist on multiple feature films for theatrical and broadcast. His early articulate understanding of pacing, genre and the puppeteering of emotional beats earned him several award nominations for his work as an editor and a win as a producer.

His insatiable appetite for evocative storytelling and arresting visuals is currently being sated with the development of 2 feature film screenplays and the narrative short ‘Anti-Social’.


Mr Hyde Films

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I founded Mr Hyde Films as a full service boutique production company to serve both my own creative appetite and also my desire to help elevate client projects. I bring over 10 years experience as a concept developing Director/Producer servicing both narrative stories and growing commercial brands with heart pounding 'music video' Cinema.

There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins.
And the cardinal sin is dullness.

- Frank Capra

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