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ANTi-SOCiAL film - Kyle Cassie - Writer-Director-280.jpg
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A short Dramatic Thriller peppered with Magical Realism 

a film by KYLE CASSIE

“...The atmosphere of this short is created through beautifully descriptive writing, which manages to place the reader within the haunted world of the protagonist… deliciously unsettling amusement.”


• Screencraft competition (Semi-Finalist)



A former celebrity entertainer stuck in her apartment in a tormented, voyeuristic self-imprisonment attempts to come to terms with the tragic incident that ruined her career and injured a number of her child fans.

ANTi-SOCiAL-Film-Kyle Cassie Director_Writer

“…This is a wild ride with a clear point of view. The economy of language in this script is excellent, really solid work!”


  • Slamdance Screenplay Competition (Semi-Finalist, top 8 scripts)

“…Anti-social might not be classified in a mainstream genre, as it’s complex and grounded in realism… Kyle Cassie showcases their craftsmanship and a genuine narrative voice that gives us all the reasons to be excited about the script being conveyed to the screen.”


  • The Golden Script, competition (early coverage)


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You Only Live Twice



Status: script development

Based on the true story of Kyle Cassie's experience in a coma after returning from the dead following a harrowing car accident. 


A young, entitled musician struggles to recover from a horrific car accident and reunite with his fiancé when he learns his reality isn’t what he thought and battles a race against time to save his organs from an underground harvesting ring while stuck inside a mind bending coma that challenges everything he thought he knew.

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Status: script development


OKAHEY is a one location psyche thriller that delivers an emotionally messy, visually raw fever dream that gut punches us with themes of Pride, Righteousness and Atonement as we follow our anti-hero punk band through the course of one harrowing week after the death of their front woman. 

8 - Velvet Goldmine.jpg
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